What it takes to be middle class in America

Tom Oslund

America's middle class might be its backbone, but it's an increasingly spindly one. 

About 52 percent of Americans fall into the middle class, down from 61 percent in 1971, according to research from the Pew Research Center. And financially, people who have managed to maintain their perch in the middle aren't much better off than they were in 2000. Thank the 2008 financial crisis and...

This morning routine will make you a millionaire

Tom Oslund

Parents, stop working so hard: Kids can do these back-to-school tasks themselves

Tom Oslund

For some parents, back-to-school time feels like a mad rush to find school supplies and clothes, fill out paperwork and sign up for extracurricular activities. There's a solution: Ask children to help. Yes, really: It reduces stress and encourages children to be engaged.

“When we involve our kids in back to school preparation we help them take more responsibility for their own learning...