This morning routine will make you a millionaire

Tom Oslund

Parents, stop working so hard: Kids can do these back-to-school tasks themselves

Tom Oslund

For some parents, back-to-school time feels like a mad rush to find school supplies and clothes, fill out paperwork and sign up for extracurricular activities. There's a solution: Ask children to help. Yes, really: It reduces stress and encourages children to be engaged.

“When we involve our kids in back to school preparation we help them take more responsibility for their own learning...

How the Great Recession destroyed the American dream

Tom Oslund

In the decade since the 2008 financial crisis, the American economy has, by most metrics, recovered what it lost. Most Americans are employed; inflation is acceptable; and GDP is currently expanding at the fastest rate in 13 years. But despite the economy's recent strength, America has not addressed the deepening inequality that has been growing for three decades, eroding many citizens' faith...