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Mortgage Mondays - 1st Securities Mortgage - Episode #13 Mortgage World Post COVID-19

Dana Smith

Welcome back to Mortgage Mondays with 1st Securities Mortgage. Today our Director of Business Development updates you on the current market trends and predictions post COVID-19

Mortgage Mondays-Episode #15 BUY OR REFINANCE NOW!

Dana Smith

This week on Mortgage Mondays our Director of Business Development and Marketing, Tom Oslund discusses why NOW is the best time to buy or refinance a home. If you or someone you know is looking to purchase a home or refinance, please call or message us for a free consultation!

Will mortgage rates move up or down in August

Will mortgage rates move up or down in August?

Tom Oslund

If you’re thinking about getting a mortgage, you might be concerned that mortgage interest rates may creep up in August after falling steeply since the start of the pandemic. The good news is experts expect rates to stay at or near historic lows in August 2020.

"Mortgage rates are likely to remain at record low levels through August and for the foreseeable future, given the weak...