Loan Originators

When you work with 1st Securities Mortgage for your next mortgage or home loan, you aren’t just signing on to a big company. Every application we receive is assigned to a licensed loan originator, who handles the file from start to finish. Because we see your loan application as a partnership, we want you to know the loan originator you are working with.

Executive Team

With the exception of our Director of Marketing & Business Development, Tom Oslund, each member of our executive team is a licensed Loan Originator. You can learn more about our executive team on their biographical pages:

  • Keith Mackey – President/Loan Originator – NMLS ID #121568
  • Scott Isner – Executive Vice President/Loan Originator – NMLS ID #121551
  • Angela Kakos – Vice President/Loan Originator- NMLS ID #166374
  • Joshua Rubin - Vice President/Loan Originator- NMLS ID #135902
  • Tom Oslund - Director of Marketing & Business Development
Jeff Berlin
Loan Originator

Jeff Berlin is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator with 1st Securities with over 10 years of experience. After leaving the industry for a short period, he is back in full force. Jeff graduated from Michigan State University, with a bachelors degree in Marketing and is a resident of Royal Oak, MI.  In his spare time he enjoys seeing live music.

"I enjoy helping people along with the biggest transaction of their lives. Whether it is a new home purchase, or helping a customer save a considerable amount of money through refinancing"

NMLS ID #1693676
Nick Bratton
Loan Originator

Nick has been a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator since 2021. He has spent over 16 years in Operations Management and was seeking something new. After a great customer experience at 1st Securities Mortgage, it motivated him to help people with obtaining a mortgage in the same way that he was helped out. Nick is married with one son and a resident of Macomb MI. He enjoys BBQ, sports, and spending time with my family.

"I enjoy helping people. It gives me great satisfaction to save someone money on a refinance, helping a first-time home buyer with a purchase, and advising clients on what's best for them"

NMLS ID #2071851
Todd Caldwell
Loan Originator

Todd Caldwell is a licensed Mortgage Broker with 1st Securities Mortgage. He has been working as a broker since 2004 with experience in Michigan and Illinois. He has a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. He has a wife, a teenage daughter, and an Australian Shepherd who doubles as a therapy dog in his wife’s psychotherapy office.

NMLS ID #172941
Karen Cooper-Green
Loan Originator

Karen Cooper Green has been a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator with 1st Securities Mortgage for over 8 years. She is a certified loan instructor for the State of Michigan and a resident of Davidson, Michigan. Karen says:

“My goal is to find the right product for a client, whether it be a refinance or purchase. Understanding not only their wants but also their needs & to make the very complicated process as easy as it can be.”

NMLS ID #134827
Kelly Cortese
Loan Originator

Kelly Cortese has been a Residential Mortgage Loan Officer with 1st Securities Mortgage since 2016. She has a bachelor’s degree in business management from Michigan State University. Kelly helps her clients set realistic expectations so they know what to expect at every step of the mortgage process. She is a resident of Waterford who enjoys gardening, cooking, reading and travel.  Kelly says:

“I love helping customers buy new homes, and work with a lot of first time home buyers. I enjoy making their mortgage transaction as easy as possible, which can be challenging in today’s government-regulated environment.”

NMLS ID #584524
Andy Elder
Sr. Loan Originator

Andy Elder is a Senior Mortgage Loan Originator at 1st Securities Mortgage with almost 20 years of mortgage experience. Andy specializes in conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, new construction, as well as a suite of portfolio financing options, helping people secure the right mortgage loan to satisfy their specific needs everyday. Andy says:

“My robust experience and access to a wider array of mortgage programs than any bank in the region make me the clear choice for anyone interested in financing their home mortgage.”

NMLS ID #166456
David Epstein
Vice President of New Construction

David Epstein is the Vice President of New Construction at 1st Securities Mortgage, licensed in Michigan and Florida. He has 23 years of mortgage industry experience, along with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Michigan State University. He is a resident of West Bloomfield, and an avid golfer who enjoys the outdoors, and playing basketball with his two boys. David says:

“I love meeting and helping new clients obtain their new home mortgage or being able to save them considerably on their monthly house payment by refinancing a personal interest in every one of my clients.”

NMLS ID #131259
Tarik Gallozi
Sr. Loan Originator

Tarik Gallozi is a Senior Loan Originator with 1st Securities Mortgage. Tarik started off in the business in 1997 before coming on board in 1999 to assist in the opening of First Securities Mortgage. After leaving the company to run a family business, he is back to assist you in all your mortgage needs.

“I’ve always enjoyed assisting people in achieving their dream of becoming a home owner, or refinancing their current mortgage to better tailor their current situation by getting them cash out to do home Improvements, Paying off high interest debt, or lower their rate or term”

NMLS ID #1909551
Dennis Glover
Loan Originator

Dennis Glover has been in the mortgage business since 2003 and has been affiliated with 1st Securities Mortgage as a Loan Originator since 2008.  Dennis holds both a BS and MBA degrees in finance and an MST degree in taxation. Dennis has been a residential home developer and manages real estate investments, along with his family farm. 

With clients in both Michigan and Florida and with extensive knowledge of a wide range of mortgage products, Dennis knows how to get you into the home of your dreams with the best possible financing arrangements.  

NMLS ID #168042
Sarah Green
Loan Originator

Sarah N. Green has been a Loan Officer with 1st Securities Mortgage since 2010. She has been licensed as a loan officer with the State of Michigan for over 16 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Michigan. She is a resident of Grand Blanc and an avid U of M alumni. She likes nothing better than a little fan favorite bantering to connect with a client. Sarah says:

“I love helping borrowers buy a home that may have never thought was possible. Getting them pre-approved and ready for home ownership is a very fulfilling.”

NMLS ID #134395
Tony Johnston
Loan Originator

With career spanning over 17 years, Tony has been assisting home buyers in achieving the American dream. Focused primarily on residential mortgages, Tony has been able to secure financing for home buyers, with a wide array of financing options, including FHA, VA, CONVENTIONAL and JUMBO mortgages. In addition to the multiple programs Tony is able to offer, he can in many cases offer LOW or NO COST mortgages with extremely competitive rates.

Tony is married to Tracie and resides in Livonia, MI with their three beautiful children. They enjoy traveling, camping, and sharing good food and wine with friends. Tony is an avid golfer and downhill skier, and continues to race downhill in local leagues.


NMLS ID #165515
Tracey Okonski
Loan Originator

Tracey Okonski has been with 1st Securities Mortgage since 2016.  With over 20 years of mortgage industry experience, Tracey knows the business well.  Not only is she a Loan Originator for 1st Securities Mortgage, she also provides strong support to the mortgage operation department assistant with the processing, underwriting, closing and funding of loans.  “I really enjoy being able to help people with their financial needs, especially educating first time home buyers.”  A resident of Clawson, Tracey enjoys kayaking, biking, camping, traveling, bowling, socializing by the  campfire and playing all sort of outdoor games and board games with her friends for good times and good laughs. 

NMLS ID #308934
Brian Sable
Loan Originator

Brian Sable is a licensed mortgage loan originator with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. Brian has a bachelor’s degree from Walsh College and has lived in suburban Detroit his entire life.

“The biggest hurdle in the mortgage industry is the fear a client has of making a mistake. My greatest strength is making sure my clients understand the entire mortgage process, while providing peace of mind every step of the way.  Once a client understands the mortgage process, the fear and uncertainty are removed, allowing clients to make good decisions.”

NMLS ID #1696290
Ann Salmo
Loan Originator

Ann has been in the mortgage industry for over 13 years. She started at First Securities Mortgage in 2012. She currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Walsh College. She is very passionate about the lending industry. It is her goal to make sure the client is happy and experiences a smooth process. 

NMLS ID #1591399
George Shaheen
Loan Originator

George Shaheen joined 1st Securities Mortgage in 2013 as a Licensed Loan Originator. He is also a Licensed Realtor. With over 20 years experience in the residential home real estate market, he is well suited to help families achieve home ownership. He is a resident of Macomb Township who enjoys golfing and tennis. George says:

“I enjoy the satisfaction of being able to help my clients achieve their dreams by assisting them through the loan process. I am able to interact with them on both sides of the transaction, because of my experience understanding the home buying process on the real estate side, I am able to provide a level of service to my clients from beginning to end. I also attend all of my closings, so I get to see how happy they are when they are handed the keys to their new home.”

NMLS ID #113994
Michael White
Sr. Loan Originator

An honorably discharged military veteran, Michael graduated from Ferris State University in 1996 with a B.S. in Criminal justice.  After a brief stint in law enforcement, he began his mortgage industry career in 1998.  A licensed loan originator, Michael brings a wealth of experience to any mortgage loan scenario.  Michael lives in Macomb Michigan with his wife Kelly and their sports-loving son Nicklas.

"My focus has always been on helping people to achieve their goals.  For me, building lifelong relationships is important.  I strive to exceed expectations and be a valuable asset to people in my sphere of influence”.

NMLS ID #188329