Marketing Campaigns

What would it take to make your business truly successful? If your company is a referral partner with 1st Securities Mortgage, we want to do everything we can to bring business in both of our doors. We truly believe that if we help you succeed, we will see the benefit too.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

For many contractors, Realtors, builders, and lenders, marketing can be a big dark hole the owners throw money into and hope for a return. We know that feeling, and we want to help you develop a marketing strategy that will put you in control of your business growth.

We have put our Director of Marketing & Business Development, Tom Oslund, at your disposal. With over 15 years experience in real estate industry marketing, he knows what it takes to make a business successful. He wants to use that knowledge for you.

As your preferred lender, we promise to help work with your team to develop a marketing strategy that increases lead generation and brings high quality customers to your door. Tom will help you think broadly about your business and make a plan to take the company to the next level. He will serve as your marketing liaison and connect you with the professionals you need for:

  • Website Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Newsletters and e-Blasts
  • Traditional Marketing Strategies
  • Easy Access Referrals
  • Grand Openings & Special Events

1st Securities Mortgage is built on referrals. Whether from real estate agents, builders, or former clients, many of our new customers are a result of years of word-of-mouth marketing. But we also understand that in the modern era, Internet marketing can be essential to a successful business. As a referral partner, we send vetted, high quality leads to you through direct referrals. We will also list your business on our Partners page and link to your website. This will help build your visibility on the web make it easier for prospective customers to find you.

Added Value for Mutual Customers

As your preferred lender, we want to make sure your customers are happy. We know that you are putting your reputation on the line when you send your clients to us. So we make it worth your while. We will give your customers preferred service including:

  • Special discounts (if applicable)
  • Free appraisals

Partner with 1st Securities Mortgage

Are you ready for your business to grow? Sign up to be a referral partner with 1st Securities Mortgage. Complete our referral partner application to get connected with Tom Oslund and our executive team. We’ll help you build a stronger business for both of our companies.