Mortgage Programs

There is no one mortgage program that works for everyone. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or looking for your forever home, you need a mortgage that fits with your family’s short-term needs and long-term plans. As both a mortgage broker and a direct lender, 1st Securities Mortgage can help you find the mortgage program that works for you.

Conventional Home Mortgage

A conventional home mortgage has a fixed insurance rate and repaid over a set period of years. It includes a traditional 30 year mortgage as well as shorter term second mortgages. Conventional mortgages can also have flexibility when it comes to your credit history and security options. 

FHA & Rehabilitation Loans

When a home loan is insured by the Federal Housing Administration, qualified borrowers get additional security that makes home ownership more accessible for families with less money available for the initial down payment. FHA borrowers will only need to put 3.5% of their purchase price down, depending on their credit scores.

For homebuyers with renovation on their mind, the FHA also insures 203k Rehab Loans. You can get financing to cover your initial purchase and your renovation, so you can move into a home with your own personal touch.

New Construction Loans

If you are planning to build a new home from the ground up, 1st Securities Mortgage can help you smooth the way for your build with a construction loan. Your builder will get money up front for materials and more at closing to pay all your contractors. We are a preferred lender for some of Michigan’s most recognized builders and have relationships with other builders across Southeast Michigan. We can help you find the perfect place for you new home.

Veteran's Administration Loans

Veterans, current military personnel, and military spouses, may be able to receive a loan insured by the Department of Veterans Affairs. These loans often have a lower down payment requirement than other mortgage programs. 1st Securities Mortgage is an approved VA lender. We can help you and your military family into the home of your dreams.

Refinance Loans

You don’t have to move to get to a better place, financially. If you bought your home at the high end of the market, or have been struggling with a variable rate, you may be able to cut your payments by refinancing your current mortgage. The 1st Securities Mortgage team can help you consider your options and get a refinance loan that trims your monthly expenses.

Rural Development Loans

If a home in the city isn’t in the plan or your budget, you may be a good candidate for a USDA 502 rural development loan. These loans allow low-income families to move into existing, newly built, or even new construction homes in some of the beautiful rural areas across the state. If you currently don’t have adequate housing, 1st Securities Mortgage may be able to help you find your perfect little home in the country.

Home Equity Loans

Your home is one of your biggest assets. When it is time to renovate or need money for a major investment, you can make that asset work for you with a home equity loan. The 1st Securities Mortgage team can help you assess your financial situation and determine whether a home equity loan is right for your biggest plans.