Why 1st Securities Mortgage?

We know you have a lot of options when it is time to find a mortgage or refinance your home. From big companies to small local banks, you need to know more than just whether they can get you the money. You need to know your mortgage broker is on your side and knows what you need.

Independent Broker & Lender Works For You

As an independent broker, we don’t owe allegiance to any one lender. When you come to us for a mortgage, we will compare over 15 lenders and programs to find what works for you. You can be sure we are working for your best interests, and not any one bank’s. If none of the plans fit, we are also a direct lender. We can create a plan to get you the money you need on terms you can afford. We will make sure you get the best rate in costs, guaranteed.

Personalized Loan Service

When you sign on with a large lending bank, you often won’t know who you will be working with from one meeting to the next. At 1st Securities Mortgage, we assign each application to a single loan officer. Your representative will sit down with you to make sure he or she understands your circumstances and your needs before recommending a program or lender. Most of our staff has been with us for over five years, so you can be sure to see the same faces beginning to end.

Preferred Lender for Local Builders

If you are building you next home from the ground up, you want to be sure the mortgage broker and builder work together, so everything goes seamlessly. Whether you start with preapproval, or finding your ideal location in Southeast Michigan, 1st Securities Mortgage has you covered. We are the preferred lender for some of the area’s most recognized builders. We also have partnerships with several other builders and construction companies across Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw, Livingston, and Genessee counties to help connect builders with buyers.

Clients Come First

At 1st Securities Mortgage, we want you to be able to trust your broker and lender. We know each person’s financial circumstance is different. There’s no one loan that will work for everyone. Our loan originators will make sure we understand your short- and long-term goals. Then we will do whatever we can to find the best option for you. And we won’t disappear once the deal is done. We will be there for you as you move in, and when it is time to move on to the next project.

Customers Trust and Refer 1st Securities Mortgage

Keith and Scott built 1st Securities Mortgage from the ground up, largely through referrals. We pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs. We stand by our word to earn your business, and your referrals. Our clients are so happy with the work we do for them that they are quick to suggest us to friends, family members, and business contacts.

If you want more than just a loan, you need a mortgage broker and lender who will be there for you through it all. Get started today by completing an online application, and get our loan officers working for you.