An Outdoor Kitchen How-To Guide

Jeff Stone, owner of Artisan Outdoor Kitchens, explains the growing importance of the outdoor kitchen, and how to design the perfect, luxurious outdoor living space.

Writing for KGA Studio Architects' blog, Stone explains, "Investing in the beauty and function of an outdoor kitchen not only creates a perfect entertainment space, it also adds exceptional value to a home." Stone identifies seven features including cabinetry, countertops, bartending systems, and ventilation options to consider when designing outdoor spaces for clients. He adds that these spaces are not restricted to single-family homes, and that they can add value to multifamily structures as well.

Outdoor kitchens have recently been ranked at the top of national housing trend lists and homeowner remodeling plans. Upscale kitchen amenities found inside the home are now migrating to outdoor living spaces. Designers, production builders and custom builders alike are customizing outdoor living spaces in the same way they have traditionally done interior cabinetry. There are now countless options catering to homeowners’ specific entertainment desires including a variety of unique grilling appliances, pizza ovens, refrigeration and bartending centers.