Your mortgage approval process starts with completing our online application. This application will give us the necessary information we need to match you with a mortgage or home loan that fits your financial profile. At 1st Securities Mortgage, we want you to be completely comfortable with the mortgage process. While some delays are inevitable, we are committed to ensuring you know what to expect. 

1st Securities Mortgage is a mortgage brokerage committed to putting your needs first. We will make sure you understand the process every step of the way. Get started by completing an application and having our Loan Originators work for you. 


Once you hit "Submit" your application will be assigned to one of our licensed and experienced Loan Originators. If there are any gaps or questions about your application, you may be contacted by one of our processors to get the necessary information in one place.


We know your situation is more complicated than just numbers on a sheet. Before we make any recommendations, you will have a free consultation with your Loan Originator. During this meeting, our staff will get to know you, your family, and your goals. Whether this is your first place or forever home, your mortgage needs may differ. So before we make any recommendations, we want to ensure we have your priorities in mind


If you are interested in building a new home, our staff will happily match you with a skilled builder based on your budget and preferred geographic area. We can also work with your existing builder. If you have already selected a plot and contractor, we will communicate with that company to ensure we cover all your construction needs.


Once we know your situation and goals, our independent Mortgage Loan Originators will review various lending options to find the best one for you. We will make recommendations based on your assets, preferred payment comfort zone, and how long you intend to stay in the home. Our Loan Originators will meet with you and make sure you understand the advantages and challenges of any suggested plans so there are no surprises.


Our staff will prepare the application for you and get you pre-approved for a loan, or you can apply online. Once you have your budget, we can refer you to a trusted Realtor who will help you find a home you and your family can love.


When you have decided to make an offer or have finalized your build plans, it is time to get true approval from your lender. Our staff will facilitate this process so that you know everything is covered. We will stick with you throughout the build process or any bidding wars to ensure your mortgage moves smoothly to closing.


Your mortgage application process ends with a closing at the Title Company. You will sign all the documents related to your home loan and get the keys to your new home. At 1st Securities Mortgage, we are committed to attending every closing. We will be there with you to answer any questions about the loan, paperwork, or what happens next.


At 1st Securities Mortgage, we want to be your mortgage broker for life! We won't disappear after closing. We want to ensure you are comfortable in your home and mortgage, so we will check in with you after you are settled to ensure everything is okay.