Home Styles & Trends for Millennials

By next year, 45% of homeowners will be Millennials. With that in mind, we’ve started to see a pattern of the style and trends in the homes that Millennials are purchasing. These reoccurring patterns are helpful for those considering selling their homes as well as new homebuyers to understand the direction of design for the future housing market.  That being said, if you are considering selling your home or purchasing a new one, here are some things you should keep in mind for the up-and-coming majority of homeowners.

The three most common styles that Millennials are drawn to are Pre-WWII, Mid-Century homes, and Mediterranean. Pre-WWII homes can be distinguished as Victorians, Tudors, Colonials, etc. These homes are known for their old charm and character. Mid-Century homes were built between 1945 and 1965 and typically have flat roofs with open floor plans and triangular windows. Mediterranean homes usually have ceramic floors, dramatic staircases, and wrought iron accents.

In terms of interior design aspects, the minimalistic approach and bringing the outdoors in has been vital for this generation. Glass door panels in kitchens, dark toned paint on cabinets, and recessed lighting are just a few of the Millennial “must-haves.” Within the bathrooms, environmentally friendly and efficiency is a priority. Some of these features you’d commonly see are lots of glass and stone, power-assisted, low-rise toilets, dual-rain shower-heads, and hand-held sprayers for cleaning the showers, etc.

Within the entire house, Millennials will look for open concept living, media rooms, and work-out rooms. Many aspects of the Millennial’s home will revolve around entertaining space as well as health-conscious living space. Lots of indoor plants, indoor/outdoor living space, and “smart home” features are top-of-mind when it comes to purchasing a new house in today’s market.