6 Traits Customers Look for in a Home Builder

6 Traits Customers Look for in a Home Builder

When it comes to hiring a building contractor, customers want to feel confident they have picked the right one … after all, they are about to entrust the builder with their home. They want to choose someone who is dependable, affordable and effective at making their dream home renovation or build out a reality. So, what traits are customers looking for? Here are six that customers look for when hiring a home builder or remodeling contractor. These can serve as a great reminder of how to be the best builder you can be for your customers!

Proven Experience
Customers want to choose a home builder who has proven experience. This includes displaying confidence about the home building process and providing potential clients with accurate information about costs, how long the process will take and past experiences. Home builders can incorporate testimonials and pictures from past builds on their website and in marketing materials to help customers see how much experience they have.

Communication Skills
Communication skills are important when it comes to hiring the right home builder. Clients want to feel confident they will be informed throughout the building process. And to make it easier on you as the builder, using remodeling project management software can help to automate some of these communications by reminding you to provide regular status updates and to send out client emails.

In any industry, people want to work with companies and professionals who display honesty. They don’t want to be lied to or feel taken advantage of. For home builders, honesty becomes even more important, as home builders work in client’s personal homes. It’s important home builders are able to make customers feel safe about working with them.

Insurance Coverage and Licenses
Perhaps it isn’t so much a personality trait as it is a fact of business, but customers want to choose home builders who have adequate insurance coverage and are properly licensed. Instead of having to wait for potential customers to ask to see this information, it can be advantageous to proactively provide this information. You can list important legal information and licenses on your company’s website or even on your business card to make it easier for customers to see it!

Price Transparency
When it comes to prices, customers most often want a home builder who offers price transparency. No one wants to start a large project only to discover there are unexpected costs to pay. While sometimes surprises happen, other times the unexpected costs could have been avoided with proper planning. Using an effective home builder software to create bids and project quotes, it is easy to remember all possible line items to include in the quote by reviewing past projects. This way you have a better chance of coming in under budget.

Source: www.buildertrend.com