Sprucing up your home? Don't shop online without this money-saving secret

Sprucing up your home? Don't shop online without this money-saving secret

Even if you’re a homebody by nature, we’ve all been spending a lot of time staring at the same four walls lately. Now is definitely the time to consider a refresh.

A little redecorating can make the same old space feel completely new, and many Americans have taken the opportunity to upgrade to a bigger home altogether.

Of course, the price of reimagining your current space or furnishing a whole new one can get out of hand when you consider everything you need to buy. Even if you’re hunting for deals on a big site like Amazon, you might not be getting the best price available.

That's where free browser extensions can save you money. These add-ons instantly scan the internet for lower prices when you shop online. This quick trick can save you a surprising sum on any shopping spree, especially for a big project like this.

To demonstrate, here’s how much we were able to save redecorating a hypothetical home:

Kick your feet up

A coffee table is the centerpiece of any living room and can totally transform the character of your space. The difference between a luxe wood surface and a sleek marble one is huge.

It’s also an eminently practical piece — where else would you put your coffee table books?

We spotted a contemporary glass coffee table at Amazon for $87, but the browser extension saved us a couple bucks by directing us to Walmart instead.

Breathe deep

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Is your home feeling stale? Add a scented candle to your coffee table, next to your bath or anywhere else throughout your abode to spice up your surroundings.

This 22-ounce balsam and cedar Yankee Candle on Amazon promises a delightful forest fragrance, but at $30, it certainly doesn’t come cheap.

Lucky for us, our browser add-on found the same product for $4 less on eBay.

Step softly

A good rug can really tie the room together — and if you’ve got hardwood, it can also protect your floors from furniture scratches.

You’ve got plenty of options to choose from, whether it’s soft fur or even luxurious silk.

We fell in love with a simple handwoven Jute rug for $60 on Amazon, but the browser extension found us a $34 deal on eBay — that’s $26 in savings, almost half price.

Stretch out

© Provided by MoneyWise Amazon Savings found on Feb. 16, 2021. Savings may vary. Sample results shown.

A couch that’s too big can really strangle a space, while a growing family can easily make an old couch too small. Even putting style questions aside, any item taking up this much floor space needs to be a perfect fit.

Amazon had the best deal on a dark grey L-shaped sofa with a storage ottoman for $600, plus free shipping, but our browser extension automatically applied a $30 coupon as well, bringing the price down to $570.

New moneysaving browser extensions don’t just scout the internet for better prices. They also keep a lookout for available coupon codes and add them when you check out.

Dim the lights

If you’ve got big windows facing the street, you already know curtains are a must to ensure you have privacy when you need it. But you should also make sure the material makes sense for your current lifestyle.

Semi-sheer curtains let in enough natural light without blinding you with sunshine when you wake up in the mornings. Or, if you’re a night owl, blackout curtains can change your life.

We pulled up a tie-top, single-panel window curtain for $34 on Amazon, but our browser add-on showed us the same product for $7 cheaper on eBay.

Look smart

© Provided by MoneyWise Amazon Savings found on Feb. 17, 2021. Savings may vary. Sample results shown.

For some of us, eBooks don’t hold the same charm. We prefer to organize and display our literature on floating shelves, cubic spaces or barrister-style bookshelves.

We went with a standard five-shelf bookcase in a cinnamon cherry finish, offered on Amazon for $75. The browser extension found the same item for $9 less at Boscov’s — but the shipping was $10 more expensive. So why did it recommend the switch?

One of the added bonuses of this specific extension is that you earn rewards credits whenever you happen to buy from a partnered brand. Once you’ve gathered enough, you can redeem them for gift cards at big retailers like Walmart and eBay.

By choosing to buy from Boscov’s, we netted ourselves an estimated $10 back in credits toward a future purchase.

Get comfy

Is your old bedspread looking a little worn out? You have so many brands, designs and sizes to choose from on Amazon. It’s easy to get lost amid a sea of silk and jacquard.

We picked out a lovely seafoam-green, queen-sized Madison Park comforter set for $139, but our browser add-on showed us we could save $14 at JCPenney.

The department store carries the set for a considerably higher price, but then the add-on found and applied a coupon for 25% off and offered about $37 in shopping credits, bringing the net price down to $125.

How much we saved with Capital One Shopping

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Here’s everything we picked up for our hypothetical home, with the original Amazon prices and the savings we found. The prices listed are the approximate totals after shipping and taxes.

© Provided by MoneyWise MoneyWise

After setting up the free browser extension, we saved around $94 on furniture and furnishings — not to mention all the time it would’ve taken us to comparison-shop products across multiple retailers.

Whether you’re totally reimagining your home or just grabbing a few batteries on Amazon, using a money-saving browser extension is a zero-effort way to save. So take 30 seconds and install one for free today.